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My name Sam Roberts

My name is Sam Roberts and I’m the founder of LUXURY cars, the top Car Sales Consultant in Florida, and a pleasant guy who will always ready to help to find your perfect car. 


I have been in the business since 2007 and am passionate about helping people find the dream vehicle at this fantastic LUXURY 4x4 cars salon  in the Florida area. I specialize in making the car business not suck. Whether you’re buying your first car, or are a seasoned buyer, you will know from the start that I am here to help. As several of my customers have pointed out in their reviews I do not pressure you into buying a car or attempt to put you in a vehicle you don’t want. I will be more than happy to honestly, and correctly, answer any questions you may have. 


Why  you should  choose me?

Feature 1


A wide range of affordable vehicles for everyone

Feature 2


Certified vehicles of various types and sizes

Feature 3


Competitive freight options available to every client

As a local, family-owned dealership, I understand the needs of our customers, and I give back to our local community. I also offer great benefits to all my customers, both new & returning. Feel free to check more reasons for becoming my client and having a hassle-free buying experience.


Why rent your car with Auto Leasing in Florida?

Are you looking to navigate one of the most popular cities in the world, or set off on a road trip into the country? Auto Leasing is here to help. A car rental in Florida affords you an unmatched sense of freedom and flexibility, inviting you to delve deep into the cultural and historical wealth of this beautiful city. Rent a car that best suits your trip using our straightforward booking panel. Hiring a car has never been easier, and you get to enjoy a variety of benefits.








Auto Leasing Luxury Fleet

Audi R8


Passengers:2 | bags: 1 | Transmission: Auto

$400/day or  $20/hour

Aston Martin GT


Passengers:2 | bags: 1 | Transmission: Auto

$400/day or  $20/hour

Ferrari california GT


Passengers:2 | bags: 1 | Transmission: Auto

$600/day or  $25/hour

Porsche 911 Turbo


Passengers:2 | bags: 1 | Transmission: Auto

$400/day or  $20/hour


Selling Your Car Easily with Me

With millions of people visiting our websites and dealerships each month, TRADER has the largest network of potential car buyers in the world. Some people find an car but ultimately don't buy it because of financing, trade-in, or warranty questions. Our team helps prevent customers from leaving empty handed because we can finance the buyer, take trade-ins, and offer the industry's most comprehensive extended service plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which documents are needed to pick up a buy car?

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